That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


6. A week passed


A week had passed since I found out I was pregnant. I heard my phone buzz. It was Emily: "Hello Rose, it's me. Can you let me in?" I let her in and waited for her. "Hello Rose Everything still fitting?" I don't know why but for some reson Emily knows everything thats happening. My clothes were starting to get very tight though. "No Ems, nothing is fitting any more. Do you know how long it took me to get into this outfit? 10 minutes straight. What am I going to wear?" "Well fear not girlfriend, we are going to go shopping for new clothes on me. Come on." I did not really want new clothes. it took a pain to find the right size and colour. But I just went along with it since it was free and Emily really wanted to. "Thanks Ems. Your the best!" I exclaimed with a tone. "Your welcome. Come on, you'll look fab! Trust me."

And so I did. We got a cab and headed off to the boutique. When I got there I was sent to a dressing room. A man was fiddling with my clothes. "Excuse me, sorry but I will be dressing her." She said with a wink and handed him £20. "Why thank you. I wil leave you guys alone." He whishpered.

Emily started grabbing new clothes and getting me to try them on. In the end we came up with a fab seletion of clothes. Everything was lovely and my size and it all fitted! I changed into my new everyday wear and thanked Emily. I then went to the gym. I was going to have to keep in shape if I did not want a flab of skin after I had the baby. And so I jogged to the gym and went upstairs. This was the start of a very hard 9 months. I saw that the music work out bit was free so I hurried over there. I did a strength workout. This was the hardesttype of getting fit but it did burn a lot of fat. I decided I would do this once a week and try to eat healthy. Eating healthy was a big task for me as I am a huge fan of chocolate.

I did the work out for 2 hours and then went back home. The first thing I did when i got home was have a strawberry light not-fat latte with extra foam and sprinkles. Thats my favourite coffee. This was my time to think. While I drank my coffee I started at the wall and though about my baby and the father. The only thing that I clearly remember was him giving me lots of drinks. I wondered why he done that. Was he trying to make me drunk? Was he waning to be a father? Had he just been dumped? I wanted to talk about it so I called Emily to chat about it.        

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