Ernest Pludnik

My entry for the bullying competition. It is different to the whole high school/ work place/ cyber bullying scenario, and i hope it will satisfy any who read. As per usual, lie/ favourite if you wish, although just knowing that people have seen it will suffice.


2. Advance

Sidling forward, i clicked the safety off of my gun, and tucked it into a concealed leather holster. Ernest was a few blocks away, so i slipped into an alleyway and sprinted into the darkness, pulling my phone out, dialling furiously.

'Is he still there?' i rasped, breathing heavily.

'Yes,' spoke Marcus. 'By the way, this cloth needs a wash. I can still smell the stale tobacco.'

I turned out of the alleyway and onto a small road. The light was slowly escaping, like the sand in a timer; only a few streaks of amber snaked across a darkening sky. A few people were dotted around the street, and as i surveyed the area, one - i noticed- was much stouter than the others. He stood up against a deserted shop, a row of awning shrouding him in shadows, so only his bulbous silhouette could be seen. His head snapped around as another man emerged onto the pavement in front of him, and pulled out a small object. I reached into my jacket and donned a pair of thin glasses, placing them over my eyes, and pressed a concealed button on the frame. The image of the two men came into focus, magnified enough so i could see the man handing over a large bag of money . Ernest tucked it inside of his jacket and handed over a smaller packet, with several jade leaves squashed inside. I pressed a small nodule on the lip of the glasses, and immediately a stream of pictures were taken. As the man left, I sauntered towards Ernest, dropping my glasses into the lap of the homeless man, who pulled a small, inconspicuous device out and began to stream the images to Head Office.

Ernest turned around just as i swung my fist into his cheekbone, his head snapping back violently. I grabbed his jacket and swung him into the wall, pulling him into the alleyway. He struggled, kicking at my legs and midriff, so I pushed him forward and thrust an elbow into his sternum, hearing a gasp of air wheeze from his stout body. As his face turn a worrying shade of pink, I brought my fist crashing into his temple, and he collapsed onto the ground, his monocle smashing and rolling off. I stepped forward, breathing heavily, and as the mephitic stench of stale smoke invaded my senses, I remembered it all...

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