This story is for the bullying competiton and is about a young girls escape from bullying, and to let anyone out there who is being bullied that it will end, trust me I know from experience.


3. The plan

I woke up the next morning and ran through the plan in my head.

Number 1: Avoid Camilla and her friends.

Number 2: Spook her, by being overly nice and helpful.

Number 3, the most important: Try and find evidence of the truth.

I went downstairs to have breakfast and fortunately mum was gone but there was a note in her typed handwriting lying on the kitchen table.


       I had to go to work, sorry go to the headteachers office straight after school I will see you there for our meeting.


Flip I thought to myself now it was even more inportant that I found evidence of the truth I shoved my video camera into my school bag and waited for Ingrid's knock. As we walked to school we discussed our plan and I told Ingrid about mum"s note we also decided it would be best to invole Irma as it would be easier to catch Camilla in the act if there were three of us rather than two. We pushed open the form room door and there sat the unnexpected in the form of Camilla on crutches with a massive plaster across her forehead, how were we going to prove anything now if she was in that condition the head would be even more likely to believe her now.

Irma went over to Camilla as the most friendly out of the three of us it wouldn't be that suspicous if Irma looked simpathetic.

"Omygosh Camilla what happened?" asked Irma kindly in a very put on sweet voice.

"Well," replied Camilla welling up, "last night on my way home from school I was crossing the road, and then, then this car came out of nowhere and then I was on the floor and I couldn't move my leg its broken you see."

This was going to be hard we had to call an emergency meeting, in the girls toilets of course.




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