This story is for the bullying competiton and is about a young girls escape from bullying, and to let anyone out there who is being bullied that it will end, trust me I know from experience.


9. The meeting with the headteacher

Rat-a-tat-tat I knocked on Ms.Pankhurts door.

"Come in," said a stern voice from inside.

Ingrid pushed the door open and sitting there was Ms.Appleby, all of our mum's and Camilla and her mum.

The headteacher began by telling us how disappointed she was in us, and considering Camila's current state how could we treat her like this, honestly she went on and on and on, but finally she asked us if we had anything to say for ourselves, so we handed over the camera.

Everyone gathered around it. and there faces were one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Ms.Pankhurst was furious Amy and her mum were called in and Camilla went a shade of bright red I have only ever seen on a tomato.

There was a lot of gushing towards Irma, Ingrid and I, and I rather enjoyed there were an awful lot of apologies and talks of punishment, and how Camilla would be watched to make sure nothing like this ever happened again, but really I was just glad it was all over.

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