This story is for the bullying competiton and is about a young girls escape from bullying, and to let anyone out there who is being bullied that it will end, trust me I know from experience.


5. English

As Camilla wasn't in my English class, and both Irma and Ingrid were I thought this would be the perfect moment to continue discussing our plan, the only problem was that we didn't seat remotely nearer eachother fortunately we were in luck, as we approached the classroom we saw a sign on the door telling us to go to the libary for a reading lesson, phew. We always took reading lesson as oppurtunity to sit in a corner and talk which is what we did as soon as the register ha been taken.

Al three of us as well as Camilla were unfortunately in our next lesson French and as Ingrid and I sat next to eachother and Irma sat next to Camilla it stage 1 of our plan could begin, the overly nice part, thsi would continue all through the day, but we would control so she would blow p.5 in art, in front of the one teacher who sees her for who she really is, Ms.Thomas. 

After being in a form with Camilla for 3 years now I think I know her fairly well, but I wasn't ready for what happened about 20 minutes into English. Ms.Appleby came in with Camilla and asked to speak to Irma, Ingrid and I, flip I thought whats going on now please let this bullying thing not go on any longer.

Irma,Ingrid and I picked up our bags and followed Ms.Appleby out of the libary. I could fel my heart beating so loudly I'm sure everyone else could hear it too, and although it's completely disgusting I could feel my self sweating like a pig literally, sorry for that piece of information.

"Girls, I'm disappointed in you," said Ms.Appleby sturnly, they were the five words I really didn't want to hear right then.

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