This story is for the bullying competiton and is about a young girls escape from bullying, and to let anyone out there who is being bullied that it will end, trust me I know from experience.


7. DT

As Irma and Ingrid weren't in my DT class I spent most of it sitting alone doodling in my notebook, with my camera on my desk in prepartion from any evilcamillaness, and I was lucky enugh to recive some and actually managed to catch it on my camera.

"Hey Antonia," Snarled Camilla.

"Hi Camilla," I replied sweetly, "How is your leg I can't believe, you are so unlucky."

"I know, I'm in agony," replied Camilla with a sarcastic grin on he face.

But that was just the begging as soon as our teacher left the room the hell began. Amy brought over some bright orange paint, and while back was turned (but my camera was filming) her and Camilla painted my air bright orange, well the top of it anyway, and then cut off my ponytail. I wanted to cry sooooo adly but I couldn't I just couldn't let her have the satisfaction of knowing how much she had upset me.

The worst thing was that as soon as Mr.Green came back in I got sent to the duty room and got given detention. I mean why would I want to paint my own hair and cut off my own ponytail, teachers are soooo stupid. I was then made to wear this dodgy poo brown coloured beanie all day. 

At break I met up with Irma and Ingrid and showed the what Amy and Camilla had done to my hair, I also showed the video footage which was actually suprisingly good considering I had to video it secretly and while not looking.


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