This story is for the bullying competiton and is about a young girls escape from bullying, and to let anyone out there who is being bullied that it will end, trust me I know from experience.


1. Pack up your troubles

"Pack up your troubles in your own kit bag"

Bam! I slammed my hand down on my alarm clock, stopping the blast of my favourite song.

It was 7o'clock on Monday morning the day I had been dreading for the past two weeks. For the entirety of the christmas holidays I had only seen one person from school, my friend Ingrid, and that had ended disastorously. We were walking through winter wonderland in Hyde park, when we saw the six people neither of us wanted to see, but espiecally me. We quickly dived out of the way into a queue for a ride neither of us particuarly wanted to go but it was better that having to talk to camilla Jones and her little gang, after that ride we hopped onto a train and went back to Ingrid's aunts house where we had been staying for the past couple of days and started packing ready for our train journey back to Cardiff the following day.

At 8 o'clock there was a knock on the door. "INRID," I screamed embrassing my very short best friend.

We wandered along the road chatting about our christmas's and presents and all the usuals.

"Ready," said Ingrid and we linked arms, we were about 100m from the school gate and the hell was about to begin.

"Yep," I replied plastering on a fake smile.

We wandered in and made our way up to room D35 our form room, fortunately it was empty so I sorted out my homework and got some stuff out of my locker when the door creaked open I gasped but then let out o sigh of relief it was only Irma who was generally alright and sometimes ate lunch with Ing and I.

"Ingrid, Ant its great to see you again how were your holidays," said Irma cheerful.

"Yeah they were great, you?" Ing and I replied in unison. (Just as a side note before anyone gets confused my full name is Antonia but everyone just calls me Ant, you can to if you want).

"Yeah my'n were amazing I went to the theatre with mum and dad, and I got a new phone," Replied Irma pulling a brand new iphone out of her blazer pocket.

"Cool," Replied Ing, I'm the only one in the room without one now jsut as my equally new iphone went off, it was orange, great.

I get a new iphone every time one comes out mum's never around, because of work so she buys me things to compensate, phones, ipods, laptops I have them all mum thinks I'm all popular but I'm really not I just spend all of my time texting Ing, while listening to heavy metal on my ipod, and scrolling through my tumblr feed.

Slowly the form room began to fill up until the only peope

missing were Camilla Jones and her gang who all walked in halfway through second period which was science, and because I was the only one who had finished my work I had the joyful experience of explaining it to them.

The rest of the day continued in pretty much the same but to be honest wasn't that bad, and I have certainly had much worse days.

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