The choice

A girl goes to a party gets drunk and gets a lift home has a crash.


1. The choice is yours.

I wonder what your doing now,  mum probably thinking about baking a cake for the weekend or listening to dad's moaning.I bet dad's sitting in his chair reading The Target or Sleeping while the TV's playing to it's self!

In a minute you will get a knock on the door that will change your life forever.I am sorry.Be nice to the policeman when he comes, give him a cup of tea and a biscuit.


Well,  two days ago I went to a party.When it got to 1am I suddenly realised how late it was.This boy who I knew and some other passangers were driving and offered me a lift. So I got in the car with them even though we were all drunk.

It was stupid, but I was enjoying the attention. One second I was laughing and talking in the back of the car next thing my body was all crumpled.The crash was awful the boys lives were all over and I was the only one alive.

So thats how I ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.It was either the party or family time I wish I went for family time.

I regret it because,I forgot to say I love you.Come and visit me in the hospital.

I ignored what you taught me how to look after myself and not get up to bad things.

I am sorry.I miss you.

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