I've only written a little bit but I hope it's enough for a chapter.
Sye Lence has never been normal. He was found as a young baby outside a police station and he grew up in in the station with a prison cell as a bedroom. He is often in trouble but somehow the government don't know that he exsists and it's important that that they never find out because if they do, he'll never see the light of day again. Can Sye use his powers to stay alive?


1. Found

It was a normal day for Superintendent Mark Warner; the sky was a ribbon of red and pink, he had finished his day of work and was on his way out. He enjoyed his job as head of the police in South London, ever since he was a young boy he’d dreamt of one day being a high ranking policeman. He was satisfied with his life but there was a big bit missing, and he knew very well what it was. Family. That was all he wanted but he couldn’t have it. He wasn’t married and he couldn’t have kids. He’d been in the army at a young age and had been caught in a dreadful explosion which had burnt all of one side of his body and made it impossible for him to have children. After spending almost a year in hospital recovering from his injuries which had left him with a large scar running down the full length of his body, Superintendent Warner had had to leave his job in the army but in return received the Victoria Cross and a job in the police force local to his home. He had grey hair which seemed to spike up naturally. He walked with a limp and had a silver plated walking stick which made him look much older then he really was. He was 43 years old in just a week, but he planned to spend it alone at home with his dog, Sultana. He spoke carefully but loud enough to be heard from the other end of a building if needed.

“See you tomorrow, bright and early!” Shouted Inspector Davis as she filed through the paper work on the wooden counter. Davis had worked at the station for six years and had never had a sick day off. She had Dark brown hair and blue eyes which always seemed to shine even on the darkest of days.

“You know me,” called Warner as he opened the door, “I’m always on time! But you on the other hand...”

“How dare you!” Laughed Davis, “I’m just as punctual as you!”

“Alright, see you....” He stopped in mid sentence. He had noticed a small dark figure running away.

“Are you ok through there?” said Davis.

“Yeah, I’m fine it’s just, never mind.” Then he noticed something move in the corner of his eye. He walked over to the bonnet of the police car outside, at first he thought it was a cat but then he shone his torch on it and saw a baby wrapped in nothing but an old newspaper. Glued to the spot, Superintendent stared at the baby in front of him. Its eyes were the colour of fire and yet, they were as peaceful as the night sky. It had jet black hair which reflected the bright summer’s sky. The baby was also thin, very thin. After taking it all in, Superintendent Warner leant his walking stick on the car and quickly but gently picked up the silent baby and carried it into the police station. “Back so soon?” Said Nicky, she was the cleaner of the entire station along with Rob. “And with a newspaper as well, you usually can’t wait to get home and see that German shepherd of yours!”

“It’s not what you’d really expect. I just found it outside on car 4337.”

“What is it, a kitten or a puppy?”

“Neither of them, you won’t believe your eyes when you see it.” Superintendent leant forward to reveal what was wrapped in the newspaper and Nicky gasped. “Oh my gosh! We should report this to social services straight away!”

“NO! I mean, we can’t, it needs its’ sleep first, and a some clothes, and...”

“Ok, I see what you mean but you have to start a search tem to look for its’ parents.”

“I know I’ll organise it.” And with that, Warner carried the baby away to the offices where the majority of his team spent their time. The offices were actually just one big room. The walls were a dark green and the floor was carpeted in the colour of grey, there were about thirty wooden desks with computers and phones in the room and just over half of them were occupied. He walked to the front of the room and stood in front of a written on white board. “Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention, thanks. Here in my hands is a baby. I found it outside on a car bonnet and we need to find the mother and father. I shall use first names to avoid confusion; Jamie, Susan, Andrea, Mike, Oliver and Jen, I want you to try and track them down. I want Ben and Hannah to help me find somewhere to keep the child for tonight and also get some clothes and suitable food. Everyone else, I want you to do what the six people that I have named want you to as well as being available to do your normal jobs. I shall not be going home until I am sure that this baby is in a fit condition.” The workers sprang into life as some tapped at keyboards, some searched through files whilst some even started to make phone calls. Ben Lewis and Hannah Green joined Warner to look after the baby. “Who have thought it,” sighed Lewis, “I applied to be a policeman and end up playing carer to a kid!”

“Well I think it’ll be fun! Plus it’s Superintendant’s decision, you know there’s nothing you can say to make him change his mind!” Green was American but enjoyed her job with the British police and everything that it involved, she especially liked all of the surprises that it brought. In the time that they had been talking, Warner had turned into a bright corridor and found the brightly painted ‘Break Room’ where the staff spent their 30 minute time off a day. He looked down at the small baby in his arms and smiled as it looked up at him with its’ orange eyes. Warner couldn’t help feeling slightly attached to the child which had so suddenly entered his life, “I’ll miss you when you’re gone.” He whispered, and then the door swung open,

“There you are! I thought you had run away with the kid!” exclaimed Green without noticing the sad look in Warner’s eyes.

“Lewis just went out to get some clothes and nappies for it. When he gets back I’ll then go out to get some food for it since I have the most knowledge of what young kids eat these days, after all I do have a little sister back in New York.” 

“Well, I’m glad you’ve got that sorted. Perhaps you could set up a warm bed type thing for it in here whilst I go and talk to Davis for a second, here you go, take this little guy whilst I’m gone.”

“Oh, it’s a boy is it?”

“I don’t know yet, he just looks like one, of course, I will take that back if it’s a girl.” Instantly Green started, one handed, rearranging the soft blue chairs to make a bed, though it didn’t take long for her to complete as the baby was so small that it only needed a couple to lie on.

“Ah! I’m glad I found you Davis; it’s the end of your shift isn’t it? Well could you do me a favour? If I give my house keys could you possibly feed Sultana, I’m not going to be home tonight so it would great if you help me out.” Warner was always worrying about Sultana since he was the only family that he had. His father had died in the Navy, the ship had been fired at and he happened to be stood at bow when it was hit, he was swallowed up in the explosion and luckily didn’t have time to feel the pain, whereas Warner’s mother died of cancer in 1984.  

“Sure.” Said Davis, she had heard about the baby and understood why Warner cared so much.

“Thanks, you’re a good friend Jean.”

“I’ll do anything to get a pay rise!” She joked as she gathered her coat and left the station. Warner briefly smiled to himself then turned to help Green when suddenly he heard muttering behind him. He turned back around and saw Lewis carrying two sets of clothes, a pack of nappies, a bottle, some baby milk and Warner’s walking stick. “Oh, hello Superintendent, I’ve got what you requested and I found this resting on a car, I thought you might need it.” Without saying a word, Warner took his walking stick and the pack of nappies and showed Lewis where the baby was.


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