The year is 2150 and life is very different.The world is on the brink of a revolution Helena has run away from her family, who enslaved her, and has nothing.Can she find hope...?


18. the gun

Helena was deeply flawed. She hated her biological family and most other people in the world too, at that. She was in a friendship group of four and they hated the rest of the school. Most of all, above anything else, she loathed the father. But the trouble was, she just couldn't bring herself to kill him... She knew she would never be able to do that. He was her dad, maybe flawed, but so was the rest of the world.

Helena wasn't sure what to do. She thought of running, but to where? She couldn't hide, she had to act. All those drama lessons at that pompous boarding school her family had paid for. Well you had to pay for schooling, but this one was the most expensive in the tunnel district.

She crept to her family's  house and crouched beneath the window. Helena got the gun out and fired a shot. It went the exact spot she'd expected, the school taught her how to fire guns and hit the target at the boarding school. Helena ran as fast as her legs carried her. She ran until she was in the next district, in hall 20801. Then she started thinking about what to do next. Her brain started churning out ideas, as her mind whirred away. Suddenly, she fell to the floor. She was lying on the floor. Dead... 

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