The year is 2150 and life is very different.The world is on the brink of a revolution Helena has run away from her family, who enslaved her, and has nothing.Can she find hope...?


19. Invincible

I stood up, determined. My sister, the one who'd loathed and envied all my life dead. Of course I was the doing behind all of schemes one could justify as evil. Ruby and Benjamin worked for me all the time and on knowing my parents favoured me , I knew Helena would run away. Obviously  she would accept the gun but she couldn't shoot. And Ruby would shoot her. I, Henry Robert Moore, am invincible .. well almost. But the only person who can stop me now doesn't know and works for me. So, I will soon take over my dad's position... as a leader of the world. Money and power are my only motive. I viciously grab the cluster of notes lying on the bed and a warped, twisted grin masks my face...

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