The year is 2150 and life is very different.The world is on the brink of a revolution Helena has run away from her family, who enslaved her, and has nothing.Can she find hope...?


17. Informed

Helena passed the textbook, official document and and letter to the citizens of the EU back to Benjamin. 

Benjamin replied "Helena there is more to tell you. We don't want to upset you but now is the right time to break the news to you. Ruby, would you be kind enough to tell her, please?

"Of course I would, Benjamin. Now darling, do you know your mum had a sister?"

"Yes, Ruby

"Very good. Now do you know what happened to the sister, or did no-body tell you?"

Helena had a perplexed look on her face and came out with, "S-S-She d-died in an a-a-accident."

Ruby sharply inhaled and declared furiously, "It was no accident your auntie died in. Your auntie was Mary. Mary the so called traitor. Me, your auntie and your mother were best friends and we were fed up of the dictatorship on continents. We wanted a resolution, everybody did, but everybody else was too frightened to rebel and so we started a resolution. Your auntie tried to send us a note, saying she had unearthed a spy, but it was to late. She was tried and accused of traitorship to the continent.Me and your mother got 7 years in prison and got off lightly, because our authorities representative convinced the supreme leader we had been misguided. Your father married your mother to keep an eye on her, but she became too shy to try anything. I am fed up of dictatorship, it is essential we stop this now and we've already started."

Helena looked agog. She had always wondered about her mother. Her mother was quiet and shy and knew her place, this is partly why her father married her. She apparently wasn't always so , in her early years before the so called "accident", she was confident ad boisterous, as well as being referred by many as a "uncontrollable, wild devil". She now knew why her father married her mother and was furious with him.

"Helena, we want you to kill your dad. What he has done is evil and we need a republic in. Choose a gun from the weaponry and you have the Swiss army knife."

Helena blurted " yes" before she could think. It was a reflexive move and Helena was unsure and nervous at what she had unintentionally signed herself up for.

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