The year is 2150 and life is very different.The world is on the brink of a revolution Helena has run away from her family, who enslaved her, and has nothing.Can she find hope...?


11. First signs

Helen glanced up at the huge dome of a ceiling. Tiny angels had delicately been  crafted with the finest detail out of glass. This was a luxury only the super rich could afford. Obviously, the legal and financial building could afford such a luxury. They made millions every day and were one of the most important buildings for hundreds of halls. Helena suddenly had an urge to give up and surrender her gun, but she knew that she had to do this for all the injustice in the world. Bang! A small and 10000 miles per hour bullet shot through the air and shattered the glass into a hundred thousand tiny pieces. Another bullet went straight into the giant old fashioned clock and pieces of china were scattered all over the expensive gold and silver striped carpet. Helena pelted down about 20 corridors before any members of Security+ could lay their hands on her and didn't stop sprinting until she was back at Ben and Ruby's house... 

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