The year is 2150 and life is very different.The world is on the brink of a revolution Helena has run away from her family, who enslaved her, and has nothing.Can she find hope...?


16. EU continental leader

Chapter 15-past revolutions

Source of evidence.

The continental leader can never be in too many places at once. This is the reason they elect the authorities.The authorities consist of over one million workers and are the continental leaders eyes and ears, in the proposed continent. These workers will then be seen by one of the five hundred continental board members, if a major issue is occurring. These are leaders and once a week they will meet the continental leader. If a revolution did start, it would most likely take somewhere from two weeks to a month to get to the continental leader. However,the continental leader is rumoured to own CAKE and AOUP. These two secret services have about one thousand five hundred agents each. If they are controlled by the continental leader, this makes the subject more powerful than every ordinary person in the EU combined. Watch out and be on the ball.

Revolution extract from section 1.9 SPLIT POWER Mary's letter on 2120. 

She was hung alive and displayed on the EU bridge.


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