The New Boy

A new boy came to my school. The only thing was, I never saw him in the mornings. I see everyone else, why not him?


6. What Rachel Says

"Hey Rachel", I said. I explained the whole story to her just before the bell rang to go inside. "Aarrgghh! You just got to the best bit!" Rachel said crossly. "Yeah but the thing is, that is the whole story!" I said. "Well, maybe your dad was up to another one of his magic tricks."

"Yeah, that's exactly what I thought!"

"Look Em, get real, you are soooo weird, I mean, it's not like your dad's a MONSTER, he's well nice!" Rachel said, feeling a bit annoyed. I went off in a huff as I felt upset. My own best friend didn't believe me. I would have to work verything out myself. So much for best friends.

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