The New Boy

A new boy came to my school. The only thing was, I never saw him in the mornings. I see everyone else, why not him?


8. The Truth

"Ding Dong", the doorbell rang. At the doorway I saw Freddie standing, with a grin that creeps me out. "Hey Emily", he said shyly. In my head I thought, "Leave me alone I was going to have a bath!", "Hey Em, as  I was saying, do you wanna come over, I gotta ask you, something, about homework", he said. "Um, ok", I replied stepping out the door and closing it behind me.

As we climbed up the stairs I looked at the pictures and photos on the walls. They were all mostly of people. I looked at one photo closely and saw my - my DAD! I was so scared. I found out the truth, well most of it. Freddie was a GHOST! No wonder I never saw him moving in. He must have done it by fitting in with the air. I had to tell him what I found out...

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