The New Boy

A new boy came to my school. The only thing was, I never saw him in the mornings. I see everyone else, why not him?


3. Surprise Surprise

We all sat round the dinner table: Mum, Dad and Kyle (My stupid annoying brother, just to let you know.) "Hey Em, how was your day at school, do you wanna come and meet the new neighbours next door?" my Dad blurted out, spitting some gross stuff out. "Um yeah, ok" I replied. When did new neighbours move in? I've never seen anyone come into the house next door. It's been empty for atleast 2 years. Well, I might as well find out who they were.


We rang the doorbell and a young boy, about my age came to answer it. The boy lifted his face and OH MY GOD! It was Freddie from my class! When did he move in?

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