The New Boy

A new boy came to my school. The only thing was, I never saw him in the mornings. I see everyone else, why not him?


2. Home Sweet Home

Aahh, finally I'm home after a long day at school. I trundle upstairs to my room to put some comfy clothes on because I felt like riding my bike. I tied my silky brown hair back in a poiny tail and put on my favourite tracksuit. Just to let you know, I am the class athlete so I love sport, especially cycling. I phoned my best friend Rachel and asked if she wanted to come. She texted me saying: @ my nan's, what fun(!). I laughed as I knew she would do anything to come cycling with me. I rode for a long time, probably an hour until I felt it was time to go home. I ran a nice warm bath and came down for dinner.

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