The New Boy

A new boy came to my school. The only thing was, I never saw him in the mornings. I see everyone else, why not him?


7. Come Over?

The bell rang for home noisily. I walked up to the school gate while suddenly, Freddie caught up with me. "Hey Emily, sorry I startled you, I just wanted to ask whether I can walk home with you seeing as we're neighbours!" Freddie said excitedly. "Um, yeah, r, yeah ok", I replied nervously. I decided I had to get to know him, I did. As we approached our houses, Freddie blurted "You should come over sometime, you know, to help each other with homework, I can't do physics!"

"Um, ok, well, see ya!" I said quickly going into my house. Why does Freddie want me to help him with homework, I'm not THAT clever!

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