The Horrors Of Love

Evie knows that her Mum left her Dad because she found out something about him that she didn't like. But she would never had imagined that the very same thing that had separated her from her mum would be passed down to her.


8. You're a what?!

                " Oh, sorry!" he said in a voice like velvet. " I didn't think that you would change !?" he sounded confused. "Uh, well neither did I." I said, wrapping the cloak around myself and climbing out of the bush.

"Thanks for the clock by the way." I mumbled, to embarrassed to look at him probably. The cloak was made of a thick black material and the top was trimmed with thick fur, it was embroidered with loads of different patterns. It looked like something a king would wear.

                  "That's okay, you can keep it" he sounded distracted, as if he was thinking hard about something.

"Are you sure?" I said, and after him nodding slightly, I continued "Thanks, one question, you don't seem shocked that a giant wolf just turned into a human girl right in front of your eyes. Why?" This was a question that I had been thinking about since I first realized that I had changed form. The boy smiled slightly before answering. "Your not the only werewolf I've meet." He started straight at me when he said this, I felt as if he could see into my soul. It was kind of unnerving. When I didn't responded to what he had said he carried on,

"I'm a vampire." he clearly expected me to be shocked, and I was but I wasn't going to let him see that. 

"So.... you suck peoples blood?" I tried to act as casual as I could when I said that, but , believe me, it was hard!

" Sometimes. I can usally go for amounth before needing to feed. Werewolf blood lasts longer but it doesn't taste as nice." he gave a mischvious smile.

I gulped and then he was suddenly right beside me. 

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