The Horrors Of Love

Evie knows that her Mum left her Dad because she found out something about him that she didn't like. But she would never had imagined that the very same thing that had separated her from her mum would be passed down to her.


9. That smile

He threw back his head and laughed loudly. When he did I could see the pluse beating in his neck, thats wierd, I didn't think that vampires had a pluse? "Don't worry I'm not about to suck your blood," He said half-smiling. I could feel his breath on my face and I could smell, vanilla? he carried on, " But I can assure you, I am what I say I am." and with that he smilied, showing his teeth.

            Only, his cainine teeth were no lounger the normal size but they didn't look at all like I thought vampire fangs would. They were twice the lenght of normal canines and they ended with a curved point that looked as if it could pierce just about anything.

             "Okay I belive you." I said, baffaled. "Just, one, question," I toke a deep breath, chosing my next words carefully, "Why are you here? And why do you have that, that thing in your hand?" I asked, wondering if I actually wanted to know the answer. He toke a step back from me and the playful smile left his lips.

            "That's two questions." he said looking nervous but with a small -forced- smile on his face. I bit my lip, waiting for the answer I somehow knew that I was going to get. He toke a deep breath, "This is a silver stake and I was supposed  to come here to kill you."

               To say that I was shocked would be an understatement and now I was down right terrified. "So why didn't you?" I said backing away slowly because his eyes were on the ground.

"Because , uh, because I couldn't." He sounded, ashamed? This sentance stopped me in my tracks

*Authors note: I know that the last chapters have been short but I will make them lounger I promise!

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