The Horrors Of Love

Evie knows that her Mum left her Dad because she found out something about him that she didn't like. But she would never had imagined that the very same thing that had separated her from her mum would be passed down to her.


11. Back Home

                          "Daddy?" I ran up to him and hugged him tightly, he was in human form but his clothes were torn and hanging of him, I suppose he changed and picked his clothes back up afterwards. "Oh sweetie I was so worried about you! why did you run off like that you stupid girl! I'm so glad that you are safe! Where did this cape come from?" he asked grabbing hold of my (Adam's) clock. I some how didn't think that my Father would like the fact that I was wearing the clock of some vampire werewolf hunter who lived in a castle with his very powerful Dad and had come to the woods to kill me, so I said the first excuse that I could think of, "I found it." The lie didn't sound convincing to me and deffinatly not to my dad who now looked really suspicious, "And where did you find it Evie?" he asked.

                        "Umm, up a tree?" as soon as I said it I knew that my dad knew that I was trying to hide something but he let it slide and just smiled and said, " Whatever you say Eve, now let's get home before we freeze to death and I can answer some of your many question that you probably have!" he laughed, put his arm around me and we started to walk the way that my Dad had come.

                        Finally we got back home and as Dad prepared supper (being a wolf is hungry work) I had a shower and got changed into my fluffy onsie, padded into the lounge and switched on the TV. Dad made cheesy toasties and we ate them in silence whilst the crew of star wars battled it out on channel 5. When my dad finished he turned of the TV and waited, I could see the scared worried look in his eyes, he used to get it after mum left and letters came through the post with the words FINAL NOTICE stamped on them.

                     I finished my food, put down the plate and turned to look at him. "Why didn't you tell me?".  My Dad looked at the ground for a moment before looking back up at me and taking a deep breath before answering, "I didn't tell you because I thought you wouldn't believe me or if you did then.." He trailed off but I understood why, I mean would I tell my child that they were a werewolf if my husband had just left me because he found out that very thing? No I would not, not until they needed to know, and I suppose Dad did kinda tell me when I needed to know but a few days in advance wouldn't have hurt!

                     "So, Mum found out and left you? How did you become a werewolf? Were you bitten? Was grandpa a werewolf? Will my children be werewolves?" All my questions came flooding out and I still had more, this was gonna take a while. My brain was overflowing with thoughts and questions that I had to get out but there was also a massive part of me that just wanted to write everything down in my diary, curl up in a ball and fall asleep.

                    "Okay, well Mum left because , well the full moon came and I forgot to chain myself up, I destroyed the shed and the garden and she said that I was out of control and she couldn't take it. I woke up the next day and she and her stuff was gone. She left you something, telling me to give it to you on your eighteenth birthday and when that time comes, I will give it to you." He had tears in his eyes, I desperately wanted to ask more questions about mum but I knew that if I did then he might not be able to answer. So, figuring that I would talk to him about that another time, I changed topic.

                    "So did you become a werewolf by being bitten or does it run down our family, like from grandpa? Does that mean my kids, if y'know I had kids, would be werewolves?" I was changing the subject but I really was something I wanted to know, I mean is all our family like this? Is it like some sort of curse? What would happen to my kids? I wanted answers to all of these questions and with what has happened tonight, I deserve them!

                   "Well, umm it started off 50 years ago, from my understanding there have always been werewolves, since the beginning there were two types of humans, humans as we understand them to be, and werewolves, and one day the 'ordinary' humans decided that werewolves shouldn't exist because they were and evil mixture of man and beast, and that they should be destroyed at all costs, so the werewolves were hunted, until there was just one tribe left. This tribe were smart and they hid from the humans instead of fighting them, and they grew in numbers until there were over 5000 werewolves , as they separated the tribe split and they continued to grow, but by this time the werewolves had remained hidden so long that humans had forgotten they existed, to them, they we just mythical creatures. But they were now more real than ever, as another race of beings came out of hiding, these creatures were a mixture of heaven and hell, they would stun you with their beauty, and once you were under their spell, they would drain you of your blood until you were nothing but a pile of skin and bones. Vampires."

He spat out the word and all I could think about was Adam. Adam hadn't been evil had he? Hadn't he saved me? "Couldn't some of the vampires be good?" I desperately wanted the answer to be yes, and it was.

                "About one in every thousand vampires are good, but it is rarer than you can imagine. I said that the vampires came out of hiding but not to the humans- not the ones who didn't end up dead anyway- they came out of hiding to us, and , long story short, since the battle that killed half of each race we have been mortal enemies. "

I felt sick, my head was rushing and I REALLY wanted to go to sleep but I needed more answers. "So how do we fit into this? You said that our family became werewolves 50 years ago but surly all of this happened before then?"

              "This happened long before then honey, but 50 years ago, on her 16th birthday Evelyn Silver - your ancestor - went out for a walk in the woods, and got stuck between a wolf and a vampire charging at each other. The vampire had quick enough reflexes to stop but the wolf, even with heightened reflexes, could not and she was bitten. That night she turned for the first time, and ever since then it has run down in our family that on the night of the 16th birthday, each child that has descended from Evelyn Silver, shall be turned."

So now I knew.

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