The Horrors Of Love

Evie knows that her Mum left her Dad because she found out something about him that she didn't like. But she would never had imagined that the very same thing that had separated her from her mum would be passed down to her.


3. At home

                                     At the end of the day because it was sunny, me and Lucy walked home together instead of catching the bus. On our way we ran into Lucy's boyfriend, Jack. Jack is handsome, sure, but I don't really get what Lucy see's in him. Lucy said that she would walk with me and meet Jack later. but I could tell she was lying because she doesn't see Jack very often as he goes to a different school.

                                       "No, it's okay, you two go ahead. I don't feel very well anyway."I said truthfully, "I'll see you tomorrow Luc." I ended. 

" Are you sure?" Lucy said looking concerned, so I just smiled and nodded. Lucy came up to me and gave me a hug, she wispered "thanks beatuiful!" In my ear. So I just smiled and waved goodbye and then headed through the woods back home. When I got home I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I thought that this was a bit strange, as Dad was normally sitting in the living room waiting for me to come home, because he finished work at 2:30, 30 minutes before I finish school. He was probably just busy I said to myself, trying not to get worried. I bent down and lifted up the paving stone in front of the door and I picked up the spare key that we keep there in case of emergencies.

                     When I walked in, I was immediately hit by a wall of fragrances. It smelled as through I had stumbled into a restaurant in India! When I regained my senses I could hear a rustling in the kitchen. "Dad?" I called out. When there was no answer I grabbed the heavy black torch on the table next to the door and I dropped my bag on the floor. I slowly crept into the kitchen, my footsteps silent on the rough carpet. "Hiiiiiii-Yaaaaa!" I yelled as I walked through the door. But you can imagine my surprise when I saw my Dad laying the table with two plates of chicken curry!        

                     "Hiya Evie!" he said, smiling when he saw me. " I've cooked you dinner as birthday present!" he carried on, he was obviously very pleased at himself for being able to do so.    

"Wow Dad! Thanks!" I exclaimed, hugging him . "And since when can you cook Indian food?" I asked only half joking. "Hey! don't be cheeky" he responded with  a smile on his face. " And I have all ways been able to cook chicken curry I just haven't had the ingredients." 

"Where did you get the ingredients then?" I asked looking up at his huge body looming above me, even though I'm tall for my age, my dad is a giant!   

                "I got a promotion at work!" he said proudly.

"Wow Dad! That's great!" I said as we sat down to enjoy the meal. While we ate we just chatted about school and things like that, but after food Dad sat me down on the sofa because he said he wanted to have a serious talk with me. I thought he was probably going to tell me that I was grown up now and that I needed to be responsible and blah blah blah but to my surprise he said. " I need to talk to you about your mother." 

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