The Horrors Of Love

Evie knows that her Mum left her Dad because she found out something about him that she didn't like. But she would never had imagined that the very same thing that had separated her from her mum would be passed down to her.


4. A serious chat

                             I was overcome with different emotions. I hadn't spoken a word about mum since a week after she left when I realised that she wouldn't come back and I had asked my dad why. He had said that he would tell me when I was older. Was he about to tell me now? I was bursting with different questions to ask him. What did she look like? Where did they meet? Did they get married? Where is she now? Is she still alive? Why did she leave? But before I could open my mouth to say anything, Dad spoke,"When your mum left, I was upset and angry so I didn't want to talk about it at all. But I now realise that that was a mistake. I should've told you the truth about her so that's what I am going to do." His brow was furrowed and he was obviously thinking hard about something."

                          " What is so bad about mum leaving? I know it's hard but loads of couples break up" I said and as Dads eyes clouded with anger I knew that I had crossed a line. "YOUR MOTHER LEFT US! WE HAD NOTHING!!! YOU NEARLY DIED!"He yelled, but when he carried on his voice was full of sadness,"You nearly died and it's all my fault." His head was bend and I could see a single tear drip from his eye. I put my arm around him. "I'm sorry Dad." I said, not entirely sure of what I had done wrong.

“What was so bad about mum leaving?” I asked hesitantly.

“It’s not the fact that she left. It’s the reason that she left.” Dad said turning to look me straight in the face. He paused to see if I would say anything. When I didn’t he carried on, “Evelyn.” He was close to tears now so I ignored the fact that I hated it when he called me my full name.

                     “Oh Evie, darling I’m so sorry.” He said now crying fully. I was scared now, my dad never cried, he was the toughest man in the town, he didn’t cry for anything but yet here he was, with tears streaming down his pale skin. “Dad what is it? You haven’t done anything wrong!” I was sure that Dad could hear the worry in my voice because he stopped crying. He wiped his face with the back of his hand and looked straight in to my eyes. “Evelyn," He paused and took a deep breath "I’m a werewolf.”

                    I froze. Well I wasn’t expecting that one! At first I thought it was a joke and I almost started laughing. But then I looked at my Dads tear-streaked face and somehow I knew that he wasn’t joking and I became very scared. It would explain why mum left and why he woke up really late and skipped work at least 3 times a month. And it would explain those weird noises that I sometimes heard in the night. I still couldn’t believe it though and I was starting to get really freaked out.

                  “Dad?”I said,

“Eve I know I sound crazy but it’s true. I wouldn’t tell you this unless I had to and now that you’re sixteen do I have to” he said in a rush. My stomach churned as I realised something. He wasn’t kidding. My father was a werewolf. That’s why my mother left and that’s why we lived in the woods. “What does this have to do with me being sixteen?” I asked. Dad half smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. “My blood is inside you Evie, you’re a werewolf’s daughter. And on the night of your sixteenth birthday you too will change. You will become a thing of myths and legends. Tonight, you will become a werewolf.” I think I must have fainted at that point.

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