Assassin's Creed: Blitzkrieg

The year is 1944. Benjamin White is an Assassin in the British Brotherhood. He has been tasked with killing the German dictator, Adolf Hitler, and crushing the Templars in Europe. However, no mission of this kind is going to be an easy one, especially when loyalties are hard to read.


1. Prologue


The year is 1944. The Second World War has been raging for five years, starting in 1939 after the German invasion of Poland.

It is all part of the Templar’s plan to form a New World Order, pulling together all countries under one regime, as well as mobilising all workforces. So far only Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini have been confirmed as Templar puppets, though there are rumours that Stalin is also under their influence.

Disturbing reports point to Churchill and Roosevelt, though the conflict, as well as the Assassins’ involvement in Europe, have left these rumours to linger, without investigation. What is known is that there are leading Templars in the US that see industrialisation as a means to control humanity.

Mussolini has been overthrown, and Germany faces a great defeat at the hands of the allies. However, the Assassins know that it will not truly be the end until all traces of Templar influence have been removed.

Hitler must die; Stalin must be investigated; America must be cleansed.

The first of these three duties falls to Benjamin White, one of the finest young Assassins in the British Brotherhood. It will take all of his skill, and a fair bit of luck, to get him through this mission alive.

And successfully…

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