17 Bouquets

This is my Movella/Mybliss contest entry to meet Lauren Kate. I had to write a short story (300 words max) about being in love with a celebrity. A lot of fun, but hard to keep within the limit. Hope you like it :D


1. 17 Bouquets


Ding Dong. The door bell rings, again. This time I let my mum answer it.

     "I'm here to deliver the sixteenth bouquet for the birthday girl, on behalf of Mr. Nate Edwards", I mimicked in chorus with the fancy man at the door.

     "Oh, aren't they gorgeous?” I heard mom say.

     "Darling, be appreciative of Nate's flowers. It's so romantic! I wish your dad was more like this", mum explained whilst placing the bouquet next to the other fifteen.

     You see, Nate is my boyfriend and a worldwide heartthrob/singer. Sounds cool, huh?  But it's actually frustrating.

     "Mom, I’m seventeen today and all I want is Nate to be here!"

     "Darling, he's busy."

     "But it's breaking my heart!”

     A tear rolled down my cheek, while mum embraced me into a hug.

     Having a celebrity boyfriend has its perks, however it's heartbreaking. It hurts seeing him more on TV, than reality. And people act like he's worth gazillion dollars and I'm just a rusty penny. And maybe I am, since he’s not here.

     Ding Dong. Great. The door bell rings, again. My body vibrates with anger as I open and then slam the door in the man’s face before he could speak his rehearsed lines.

     “Oww” Nate whined. Nate? I swung the door open and there he was rubbing his red nose; and croaked a weak “Happy Birthday” holding out the seventeenth bouquet.

     I ran into his arms and clung onto him as though my life depended on it.

     “I’m an idiot, S. You know I love you, right?” Nate whispered. “I know” I smiled, and looked up and gave his bruised nose a little peck.

     He laughed. “I knew you wouldn’t like the bouquets. So, I booked us a romantic getaway to Paris.”


     Like I said, there’s also the perks!

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