I couldn't do anything

this is a short story about bulling


1. Beginning middle and end

Every day I go home every day, I wonder why did I treat her like that. Why call her fat when she’s not. Why call her ugly, when she’s all I think about all I dream about. Her flowing long chestnut hair, brown eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. We used to be friends me and her; we would sit by the sea laughing together talking about how we would always be friend.


I saunter up to her “We were wondering how you get out of the house. I mean you’re so fat you won’t even be able to fit out the door will you. No wonder your parents left you you’re that ugly they would have been humiliated to be seen with you.” Tears began to fill her brown eyes. I don’t know why I did it was like something processed my body, my mouth that I can’t control. A voice inside my head was screaming at me to stop, stop please stop, but I couldn’t. Still she stood in fount of me unwilling or unable to defend herself, I looked into her eyes. There was no sparkle. No shine I knew I had gone well too far.


She didn’t come in the next day, or the day after. Four days later I was called to the Head teacher’s office there stood her foster parents I was so sure that she had told them. That I was going to be expelled and I dissevered it.  “Mr James we regret to inform you that Alexandra frost committed suicide two days ago... we are very sorry for your loss.” I couldn’t breath I felt like the walls of the office were closing in on me. As her parents came up to me “thank you for being such a great friend to her and helping her when we couldn’t.” Whispered Mrs. Frost. I wasn’t a good friend to her I drove her to do this I should be dead not her “there was an envelope with your name on in her bedroom.” MY whole body trembling as I opened there lay 3 word I FORGIVE YOU.

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