The Journal of Ana, Natalie and Nathaniel Thompson

She did not ask for the twins. They did not ask for her.
First, they wilt together and the demons prosper.
Second, they dispose of her.
Once palmed off to their aunt, they grow. They become stronger. Minds entwined, like fingers and hands.
And soon their screaming of god and death and the devil break their aunt.

She calls the priest.



we sang mummy a song. it was a pretty song of love and roses, but she did not like it. she sat staring out the window, and i stared into her blank eyes. natalie came with a knife and made her throat sing and smile. the blood filled the room and we swam in the stickiness. then natalie wiped the knife with a cloth, ever silent. she placed it in mummy's hand. 

"lay down brother," she said. "we must cry now."

"who said?"

"the man from the bible. he says we are doing well."

"i want to talk to him."

natalie's voice changed. she sounded more like the daddies that stayed for a night.

"your time will come, child."

"will mummy be okay?" 

"you saved her. well done. she is in... heaven now." natalie with the man's voice spoke. "now you must both lay down and cry, until the policemen come."

then we laid down and cried. 


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