The Journal of Ana, Natalie and Nathaniel Thompson

She did not ask for the twins. They did not ask for her.
First, they wilt together and the demons prosper.
Second, they dispose of her.
Once palmed off to their aunt, they grow. They become stronger. Minds entwined, like fingers and hands.
And soon their screaming of god and death and the devil break their aunt.

She calls the priest.



i did not view the exorcism. i didn't want to see my twin hurting so much. unfortunately, i could not escape hearing it. 

"i'm gonna burn this place to the ground, and stab you all in the fucking dick. you shitty priests will burn in hell"

when natalie broke free and climbed out of the basement, i didn't know who i was seeing. my natalie, the sweet innocent girl she should have been, or the demon who had tainted her and killed our mother? 

"the priests are dead." she stated. 

"you killed them?"

"stupid boy. of course. i'm going to kill you too." 

"go on then. escape the flames first." i had lined the room with petrol, stolen from my aunt's car. she had fled already. the candles lit on the table scattered, and lit the room with fire. 

"i'm gonna fuck you up, you piece of shit!" 

i grabbed the poker from the fire place, and as she crawled towards me with her twisted broken legs dragging behind her. I shoved it into her lower back, her screams piercing my ears. the blood spilled, and i coughed as the fire grew around me. then, i ran.

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