The Journal of Ana, Natalie and Nathaniel Thompson

She did not ask for the twins. They did not ask for her.
First, they wilt together and the demons prosper.
Second, they dispose of her.
Once palmed off to their aunt, they grow. They become stronger. Minds entwined, like fingers and hands.
And soon their screaming of god and death and the devil break their aunt.

She calls the priest.



when the priest came to visit, he only spoke with me briefly. he was more interested in natalie, and the man in her head.

"he said he was an angel, so i listened. he told me mummy would go to heaven if i hurt her."

"did you kill your mother?"


there was a moment of silence. 

"will you exorcise her?" 

"you must understand that this is not something we can decide on the spot. there must be some tests. we must be sure it is a demon, and not just a mentality problem."



father came round many more times. every time, he would take natalie into the basement and then she would speak in the man's voice. a month later, he said, "i have called a few friends. we will exorcise the demon soon. but for now, natalie must remain in the basement." 

day and night she screamed, and the disconcerting ripping sounds continued as well. 

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