The Journal of Ana, Natalie and Nathaniel Thompson

She did not ask for the twins. They did not ask for her.
First, they wilt together and the demons prosper.
Second, they dispose of her.
Once palmed off to their aunt, they grow. They become stronger. Minds entwined, like fingers and hands.
And soon their screaming of god and death and the devil break their aunt.

She calls the priest.



it was as if something snapped, and she was hearing the voices again. i didn't tell anyone. i didn't want to lose my sister too. 

"he tells me that really we're all evil and if i kill the evil people i can go to heaven." she murmured. "i want you to go to heaven too. why won't you help me?" 

"killing is wrong!" i cried. and for the first time in years, natalie spoke in a voice that wasn't her own.

"you little piece of shit, you listen to me... if you don't kill every son of a bitch i tell you to i'm gonna rip off that dick and shove it up your ass, cunt!" 

"get out and leave me alone!" i pushed her out the door, and she grabbed my arm, twisting it. i cried out in pain, and auntie came running. 

"let go!" she screamed. 

"ever disrespect me again, i'm gonna fill your stomach with the remains of your whore of a mother!" natalie yelled.

the bone snapped. we told the hospital we were just playing.

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