the boy who loved cats

this is a boy who loves animals and one day they find out that jakes cat is not just an ordanery cat


3. the plan

one stormey night jake was in bed.  and he heard the cat meowing to another cat. jake just thought that he was playing with another cat but he wasnt making friends he was planing to burn him alive but he didnt spleak the cats launage so he didnt know what he was saying as he wasnt a cat. jake laid in his bed and looked up at the celling for ages and the cat was still talking but when jake went down staires he sneaked behind the door to see what he was doing and all the cats had knifes and they was a picture on the wall of him and it had a knife thought his heart he new the cat was going to kill him and after they did there plan then dissaperd. jake got really freaked out and nhe started to panic but he had an idea he would make a beanbag version of  himself then he would get a video camera to record everything that he does whilst he was a a motel of a night. jake was sure that his plan was going to work.

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