my quell

let the 125th hunger games begin Bee Odior. Let the 5th quarter quell commence.


4. this train goes to slow...

in the justice building i sit quietly and wait. crying won't help me now. suddenly,my family bursts in and hug me close for the 15 mins. they tell me to 'be brave' and 'keep calm'. because thats gonna help. I'm gonna die,don't rub salt in my future wounds. i listen to their flow of relentless endearments half heartedly. once they leave my friends practically bust through the wall. more of the same. the last person surprises me. little Bella-Mai Oak shuffles in and hugs me, then she quickly pushes something into my hand, mutters "token, bebe." and runs out. it all takes 2 mins and feels like a heartbeat to me. i look into my hand and see that my 'token' is..... a wood chip. weird kid, Bella-Mai, lots of people say she can 'see into the future and past' or something. i finish up and peacekeepers escort me out. i climb onto the train where E.T the irritating is tapping her foot. "oh. Byrony. nice to see you." she seems .... deflated. i guess its because DozyRozy is taking ages saying bye bye to her minions. saddo.  my mentor (who i have never met) must be in the next carriage. i look in. o. my. trident. its Maculie Keen. wow. Maculie won 10 years ago and is well known for her trixie style and cool dimena. "hi." she says "you must be Byrony. you know you have the same name as a oh well, I'm your mentor anyway." "awesome!" i grin and she laughs, flashing her green eyes at me. Rozen finally joins the train and for the rest of the journey i sleep.  

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