my quell

let the 125th hunger games begin Bee Odior. Let the 5th quarter quell commence.


3. Step Up

 I look around, "Bee, Bee its you!" "Oh Bee I'm so sorry!" " Bee go up, before they drag you!" my friends chatter. I walk up, palms clenched. " well er,Bee how old are you?" i give a polite answer: "13 years old thank you Effie, and i would rather you called me Byrony, if you don't mind." i smile, being brave. E says she will and i smile more.

Autunm Blaise, an old winner, trys to smile at me but I skowl at her. Even though she seems nice she is a Capitol product. And I hate the Capitol. They killed Zeena Killan. Zeena Killan, who would never hurt any one. Zeena Killan, my cousin. They sent her into the games and district 1 threw a spear in her stomach. She brought me up, Zeena. She took me into the sea and taugh me to swim. Made sure I never got to the career schools. So I will not win. I will die in the final eight like her. Like my cousin.
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