my quell

let the 125th hunger games begin Bee Odior. Let the 5th quarter quell commence.


2. Quell

 yesterday Panam watched with bated breath as the president announced what the fifth quarter quell would be: ' this year, to remind citizens of how many women and girls were culled in the war, 24 young females will enter the arena.' that was when my brother, Oslo, breathed a sigh of relief,my mother burst in to tears, my father put his arm round her and i muffled my scream with a pillow. 


So now today i get my blood checked (please hold your arm out. just a little prick..miss Odior) and walk into the mass of tan girls. I find my mates quick enough, holding hands to steady each other,and join them. 'Good luck' whispers  Em. 'may the odds be EVER in your favour' i mutter back and a ripple of laughter run-through our chain of hands. E.T, dressed in yellow with a mad yellow wig,steps up to the mic and begins her 'happy hunger games!!'patter. get on with it woman! "and now, well i would say ladies first but, well.. here we go!!!!" you make me sick Effie Trinket. E.T plunges her hand into the ball and booms: "ROZEN BLANC!!" i stare as Rozen steps up,a snivelling wreck. i don't pity her. without her gang this is what she would be like anyway. we applaud her and E once agin puts her hand in the ball..."BYRONY ODIOR!!


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