my quell

let the 125th hunger games begin Bee Odior. Let the 5th quarter quell commence.


1. reap reap

i stand brushing my hair. My black hair, used to being full of seawater and sand, takes 2 hours to be made knot less. It falls down to my hips. My hair is a cause of disturbance in my district, as every body has bronze hair which even girls never, ever have below their shoulders. And the girls in my district and my school hate difference. I used to be picked on by Rozen Blanc (and Blank she is), which is probably why I have my joined-at-the-hip group of 5 friends. Em Cartwright, Leah Magnomh,Vasa Tolona,Joan Kington and Vimii Loreen are the best friends I could ever hope for. Caring and strong,calculating and sometimes as annoying as blue bottles, they support me like no bridge could.

I shove my wide collard green reaping dress on and dash out. Into the squre. I can hear some bird chirping. ‘ reap reap! Reap reap!' how irratatingly appropriate. Reaping day. And the odds are NOT in my favor thank you very much Effie Trinket. Effie is not the same E.T from who knows how many years ago, but her granddaughter. Apparently she takes after her grandma in lots of ways, same stupid accent,same annoying ‘may the odds be EVER in your favor' and flick of the perfectly manicured hand. But of course she isn't in 12. She was thrust on the defenceless people of district 4. Whoppe. Anyway, the odds are not in my favor because for the fith quater quell two girls from each district will go into the arena.

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