In love with Jacob Starlight

"Everything was normal until I met him. Now, I don't know how I'll cope..."

Violet has never had a complicated life. Until at the new Jacob Starlight concert, she falls for the guy on stage. Everything is great at first. But when the paparazzi get involved, more problems occur. Will Violet ever feel the same again?


1. He's just a pop star.

"FINE! I'll go to the stupid concert with you!" yelped Violet, as she slammed her locker in frustration.                                      "Sheesh Vi,"replied her best friend Kelsey. Violet was sick of it. With her new house and new teacher and her mum's new job, she didn't need her best friend yammering on at her about some stupid, immature popstar who has his own carreer at the age of 13. 

At home, Violet thought about her life. The drama, the tears, the crazy best friend. She wondered how she coped with it all. It was 5:00 PM and Kelsey was already texting, calling emailing and even writing letters to her which were being directly posted through her letter box. Violet on the other hand was ready to get this night over with. The young girl stared out the window out into beautiful sunset. She used to always watch the sun fully setting which could sometimes last up to an hour so during this time, her family would eat dinner. The agitated teenager was about to miss all that for some silly concert ; what Violet didn't know was that night would be a night she'd never forget...

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