Sight Of Silence

Poem from the perspective of a blind boy


1. Sight Of Silence

I will see life, death and beyond,

But I will never see the ocean, lake nor pond.

It’s ok though, I still feel the green of trees,

From honey, I can taste the black and yellow of bees.


I’m still like you, when I’m cut I still feel the flowing red blood

And last year, I did not see but I still felt the Brisbane flood.

When I hear a book, I feel it grow with each page,

When I hear my mumbling voice, I feel myself grow with each age.


During the morning, I feel the ecstasy of light,

But after that, all I can see; is the aphotic of night.


I am blind,

Though I do not mind.

You can push me down and I’ll hear your violence

But I do not care, because I only see in silence.


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