Red And White

Roxee Red is a total '' Out There'' Girl, wearing crazy clothes and sticking rainbow
colored paperclip pins in her red and black hair. River White is the opposite of Roxee, wearing black and whie smocks and plain clothing, with her hair in a boring do. Somehow, They become BFFs and soon do everything with each other. One day, River moves out and Roxee is EVER so upset- Can She persuade River to come back? Find out in this novel, which will especially catch the eye of 10-12 year olds.


1. Roxee

'' Roxeee!, Come On! You'll be late for school'' yelled Roxee's Mum, jumping on the bed! '' Awww, Man!'' mumbled Roxee Kyla Red, through a mouthful of chocolate and peanut butter toast. She quickly changed into her boring Larkfield High uniform, decorated with a giant neon pink R shaped badge and a few cheap black and red badges. '' Oh well, at least today is a Friday and that's good'' Roxee walked out into the street, with here red backpack with her Rolled up Magazine, Lunch Money, Pencil Case, Chocolate for later and soft toy kitten. She waited for her school bus. After AGES waiting for the bus it arrived. Roxee went on to the top deck, bumping into everyone on purpose. She ran into her Friend, River. River was a quiet, plain person, but hanging out with Roxee, who was lively and show-offy, it sort of made an impact. Roxee, Dying to launch into a description of a horror movie she watched, burst into conversation. '' Hey River!'' she beamed. River mumbled ''hi'' ''I watched the best movie ever, do you want to hear about it?'' she asked, tossing her dyed hair. River smiled ' That sounds cool, but dont think about asking me to come and act it out in feather boas and silly hats as I'm not coming round to yours'' River knew her too well. Roxee would be IMMEDIATLEY asking her round. '' Yeah, Fine'' said Roxee. Roxee couldn't stay calm for long- all girls and boys in Larkfield High Knew that much. Roxee smiled and watched the windows. It would be AGES till she and River got to school.

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