What if you had a best friend? You loved them and trusted them with all your heart. But what if one day they turn against you? Well Ivy Elegant was best friends with Cody stone. But one day he betrays her for the popularity he starts to pick on her. spread rumors that ruin her life. But what if Cody hides a secret Ivy never knew?


7. The makeover

I thought back to when i was younger. I lost my best friend. The one who was always there for me, stuck up for me through thick and thin. He would just be there to protect me when no one cared he would give me a shoulder to cry on. He would never leave me. He was protective like a father, fun to mess with like a brother, always there for me like a sister, caring like a mother and loving like a boyfriend. I loved him. And I lost him to a bunch of girls more fun, more pretty and more popular. I was heart broken i cried for a night because i had enough problems going on. But during that night i realized i shouldn't take what he gives me. He just used me, even though i still love him i cant let him do this to me so i started sticking up for my self and i wouldn't show weakness. I looked round my bed room it was every teenage girls bedroom. It had a massive TV, a giant double bed, a desk for my home work and beauty products my own bathroom and hot tub, i had a HD laptop which was one of the best laptops you could have. And there was a big double door that leads to a walk in closet with my clothes, accessories and stuff. As well i have some drums, microphone and key board because I love my instruments and art stuff. I walked over to the big mirror on the wall. I looked nothing compared to the over girls and school. My body looked on the point of anorexia. I deiced I need a makeover. I grabbed my phone and called Lacey,Lexi and Skye. I told them my plans and they got over excited and hung up i guessed they were running to my house.They love this sort of things i guess its cause they are models and all and they want me to join in with the fun but they wanted me to have a makeover before i auditioned for the modeling stuff. I heard a knock on the door i ran down to the first floor to answer it. Of course it was the girls with excited grins on there faces. Lexi and Skye grabbed my wrists while Skye ran ahead to the spa room. Well you see i live in a big mansion because my parents are importent business people that travel the world so they get a lot of money. They bought this big house and filled it with things like indoor swimming pool, game room and spa room and  stuff to keep me from getting into trouble. They don't mind party's as long as there is no drinking or smoking. Every once in a while my older twin sisters Holly and Kathrine. They don't live here because they live in the student houses because they are now in university.Well i was now in a chair with a shower behind me, they started it running. I felt the warm water trickle down my hair and my hair became sleek and wet. While they was making my hair soft and silky Lacey was doing nail art on my toe nails and finger nails. Skye was putting my wet, soft hair in tiny rollers just to make sure my hair was perfectly curly. Lexi started doing my eye brows and putting face masks on my face and stuff to make my skin super soft. I felt pain as she plucked each tiny eye brow but i felt relax as the cool face mask was drying on my face keeping me calm and relaxed. I had noticed Skye had come from my hair and noticed she was putting on a light coat of fake tan but not so i looked like a carrot just so i didn't look super pale. Once they had finished these tiny jobs we went to the cinema room and watched The Woman in Black while everything dried. The lady appeared in the window her face was clearly in the window. She screamed for the man to get out with her dark eye and hair faintly there but her pale face dead face stood out in the dark. We had finished watching it and we were scared as anything. It was the fact the film was scary we just wasn't expecting it. We went back to the spa room. We took the curlers out with no trouble. That's when they sorted my clothes out and make up, When we had done i looked into the big, shiny, glowing mirror. I couldn't even recognize who was stood in the mirror. My face glowed and i looked beautiful with my make up. My blonde hair was not just blonde because they died the blue ends blonde. My hair is in long springy curls. As well i didn't look as pale in my denim shorts and more and my vest shirt was white with a lot of writing on it words like love, hope, faith, princess.  A lot of these words were important to girls. i was wearing a small ring and had the words love on it and a locket I have had since i was younger but i could never open. I grabbed the girls wrists and dragged them out the door. I turned to them and said excitedly 

"We are going to a party right now to show Cody and Summer I can be pretty."

The girls looked so excited. It was unreal I was going to my very first party and i can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces when I walk into that room full of the kids that think I am just a pathetic, ugly, freak. Cody is going to regret ever leaving me. He is going to think about what he has done in the pain. He is going to suffer like I did. I am going to have my revenge for the pain and suffering he has caused for me. 

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