What if you had a best friend? You loved them and trusted them with all your heart. But what if one day they turn against you? Well Ivy Elegant was best friends with Cody stone. But one day he betrays her for the popularity he starts to pick on her. spread rumors that ruin her life. But what if Cody hides a secret Ivy never knew?


2. The fight

I was walking to school as usual with Lexi, Skye and Lacey. We had a long way to walk to and from school because we went to a junior school near us when we were younger but there was no high school in the area so we had to go to wood lake high school. It was a very good school and all but it was so far away. Well Lacey just moved near us because her younger sister Macey moved to the junior school we went to. Well when we got there hell broke loose. Summer was sat on one of the picnic benches. She had got a new fake tan and she was wearing her short cheer leading outfit. Then all of a sudden Cody went and sat next to her and started to kiss her. They caught us staring and Summer shouted 

"what you losers staring at? the fact your wishing you could get a boyfriend? too bad because no one would wanna go out with you freaks!"

Before I could start a fight with her Lacey, Skye and Lexi dragged me off. We then got to our toilets while they tried to calm me down i studied our girls toilets. It was ours because it was abandoned. There was grayish tiled walls with our graffiti writing on and we had smashed one of the mirrors by accident. The floor was black and there was lots of cubical's with writing on.I turned to them and then i asked angrily 

"why did you pull me away i could have pulled her hair out her head and made that face of hers disappear underneath black eyes a bust lip and bruises? i mean come on why wouldn't you want to see her like that?"

Then Lacey looked at me and said quickly 

"Calm down Ivy. I know i agree with you it would be so funny but remember the teacher said if you don't start behaving you wont get to go to Paris."

I sighed if i didn't behave i would be the only girl in the whole year that wouldn't be able to go. Most schools would go in year 8 but we go in year 10 because then we can all go. As well because our school is a really rich school the pay for most of the money on your school trip. I cant wait to go. The only down side is you can only pick one person and then the school picks the rest of the people in your dorm you have 6 people in one dorm. But the bight side is we are going next week. They have been planning this trip for months now. Once i had calmed down we walked out of our girls room and out into the danger of the hall. year 7s were skidding round the hall while year 9s were pushing them around years 8s were just chatting acting so cool but actually trying to keep to them selves year 10s were walking round in style shoving the kids aside not really bothered bout the drama and the rest of the years weren't really bothered and just trying to avoid the pointless drama. We grabbed each others hand and found a path to my class room i dragged them all there shoving small kids aside who were causing the pointless drama. When i sat down at my desk Summer came up to me she screeched at me in her high voice

"get out of my seat i will be lucky if there isn't your geek germs on there yet." 

I tried to ignore her but then being the little brat she is grabbed my hair and yanked  it up and she said again i could hear the anger in her voice this time 

"i will tell you one more time get out of my seat or this will get ugly!" 

She yanked my hair so i fell out of the seat she was about sit down so i tripped her so she fell into the chair and she started to have a nose bleed. I ran to the back of the class room being the drama queen she is screamed but no one was really bother and tried to ignore her but she caused more of a scene so her little followers gave her more attention. I looked over at Cody he was staring at me? When he saw i had caught him staring at me he looked away quickly. But then a new guy walked in he looked so fit. He came and sat next to me and winked at me i felt my heart beating faster. Who was this mysterious fit, hot guy?  


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