What if you had a best friend? You loved them and trusted them with all your heart. But what if one day they turn against you? Well Ivy Elegant was best friends with Cody stone. But one day he betrays her for the popularity he starts to pick on her. spread rumors that ruin her life. But what if Cody hides a secret Ivy never knew?


8. Revenge is sweet

I cant believe I was going to my very first party. The sky chased the black clouds away with its light. The black clouds swirled and waved like deaths cloak being chased away to find another victim to suffer from its power. We had arrived at the house i felt like there was a brick in my stomach while butterfly's trying to get out. I felt nervous what if they still saw me as the ugly freak before? What if everyone turns against me and beats me up? Well i am going to have to face my fears, I walked up to the house it was a big house it looked rich and posh. The outside was white with black boarders rounds the shiny windows. There was a black gate going round the house making it look fancy. We walked through to the back garden, there was lots of flowers. It made the garden look bright and colorful and it gave me a warm feeling. There was a swimming pool and a hot tub, they were all sat in it. They turned to us and a guy shouted

"Look its Skye, Lacey and Lexi, they finally ditched Ivy and replaced her with a new hot chick. Skye who is she babe?"

Tyler looked at me and stared into my eyes. I knew he knew who i was because he gave me a warm, comforting smile that made me feel like my heart was going to explode with joy. But Skye looked very angry and she shouted back angrily 

"One don't call me babe loser and two it is Ivy so get your facts right!"

They all gaped at me expect for Tyler and Summer. Summer stood up and walked up to me and stared at me in the eye, i thought she was going to slap me but then she smiled sweetly and said kindly 

"Welcome to the popular's Ivy we have been waiting for you all to join us"

People cheered but i felt confused why was they waiting for me? I didn't wanna ask questions and ruin the moment so i continued with the party. I focused my eyes on Cody i knew my plan off by heart. I walked up to Cody and started to flirt.

"hey Cody you look so hot today. I mean your smoking hot i mean who wouldn't want you?"

He started to stutter I smirked this was part of my plan. All of a sudden i pushed him into the swimming pool but when he came climb back out laughing while little water droplets i couldn't bare to see him so happy so i got a bucket of red paint and tipped it over his head.He stood there with his mouth open like a O. Revenge is sweet but it wasn't over yet I helped him clean up. He looked angry but little did he know i swapped some of the shampoo he brought with pink hair dye once he had done he walked down to the pool and everyone burst out laughing because his hair was bright pink. My main revenge was to humiliate him because he humiliated me in front of the whole school, in front of even more people, he didn't even care about my feelings even though we were best friends. Well i thought we was. Until he left me but now he is back in my life i am determined for my sweet revenge even though i haven't got that many good ideas yet. I turned to summer and the rest of the people and shouted with happiness

" I am so sorry guys but we have to go but we love you and we will see you all soon." 

Me,Skye,Lacey and Lexi strutted in style down the path. I didn't want to be one of the popular's but I guess its what i kind of want to be able to fit in,go to sleepovers, have guys fall for me and just have a normal's girls life and not be treated like a freak. I mean i have friends and they look so beautiful but i wish i could fit in with them as well. Well maybe now is my chance. The Skye turned to me and said while smiling excitedly showing her pearly white teeth a bit.

"Time to get down to business"

Then Lexi and Lacey shouted 

"Modeling Auditions" 

Oh great time to go see my sisters at a modeling auditions. I frowned a bit with worry. My sisters would get so moody when it comes to auditions and if i get the audition then they will kill me. Literally.  

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