What if you had a best friend? You loved them and trusted them with all your heart. But what if one day they turn against you? Well Ivy Elegant was best friends with Cody stone. But one day he betrays her for the popularity he starts to pick on her. spread rumors that ruin her life. But what if Cody hides a secret Ivy never knew?


4. Finally a name

Lacey could see i was getting really mad at Summer so Lacey went up and full on slapped her. The crack echoed through the hall and all the students turned round to look at us all and me,Lacey,Lexi and Skye were all looking at Summer, who had tears in her eyes it looked like her eyes were swimming in water the first drop fell, then it landed on the floor and splashed and splat on the floor. We just gave her a dirty look and Lacey kept glaring at her with anger in her eyes. She then said her voice shaking with anger

"Try doing that to Ivy, no wait any of my friends again you will get worse than that."

Summer stood up straight and then ran off to her wanna be girls. We all Walked to our secret room laughing hard. We had never seen Summer so helpless. We know we sound mean but Summer has bullied us for years now and so did Cody when he left us for popularity.We walked through the halls, they were abandoned like a ghost town, the walls sent us cold waves of emptiness.We reached the the big door, we took a tiny gold key, the top was shaped into a little swirly heart. We put the key into the tiny rusty lock, we turned the key until we heard a tiny click and the door opened a little with a creak. Lacey shoved the heavy door so we could get through and we turned the lights on and shut the door behind us.This place was like a normal room a teen would hang around , We decorated the walls a bit with our graffiti and put a few possessions round the room. There was mirrors and everything we would need back up stuff like back up clothes in case something bad happened. The reason we have this room is because no one cares about this room and my older sister Jasmine used to work here as a music teacher but no one wanted to have this room so she gave it to us and the over teachers agreed as long as we didn't tell any one we had a room to our selves. I went and sat in the purple comfy, spiny chair. I turned to the overs who was also in a chair and i then begged them desperate to know

"Ok i don't care which one it is but will one of you please tell me the new guys name? As well if you know who is can you tell me that as well please?"

Skye spoke up and said while smiling happily

"Well his name is Tyler and you should know him because he was with you and Cody all the time when you was younger but then he moved away but now he is back!"

She sat there smiling like a idiot but i was too busy thinking back to a memory that i had almost forgotten

There was a massive park all the metal gleamed in the beautiful sun. Then three kids and there mums entered the park, there was two boys and one girl they were best friends.The two boys ran off straight away but the young year old girl stood waiting politely waiting for her mum to let her go. Her mum kissed her cheek and told her to go join the boys. She smiled happily and ran off to the boys.They were trying to show off my sliding down the slide on there feet, she stood there patiently then one of the boys ran up to her and said 

"Ivy whats up you don't seem to be having fun?"

Ivy just shrugged, then the boy just pulled her into a hug. The boy that must have been Tyler kissed her cheek. He grabbed her hand and walked her round the park and the played on the swings and the climbing frame together. Cody then came over and joined in the fun. The 5 year old Ivy ran up to her mum and hugged her.They had a great day and it was now time to leave Tyler came up to her with Cody and they both said at the same time

"see you soon Ivy I love you."

She walked out of the park holding her mums hand.

The scene faded and then i blurted out 

"oh my god i knew Tyler seemed familiar, I was best friend with him when we were younger and he used to hug me and kiss my cheek! oh my god how could i forget him!"

The girls turned round gaping at me. 

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