What if you had a best friend? You loved them and trusted them with all your heart. But what if one day they turn against you? Well Ivy Elegant was best friends with Cody stone. But one day he betrays her for the popularity he starts to pick on her. spread rumors that ruin her life. But what if Cody hides a secret Ivy never knew?


10. Death ruins everything with his power

I quickly blurted out 

"Sorry I am late Tyler and yes I will go out with you."

A warm smile appeared across his face which i loved so much. He turned round and said

" Ok babes i am glad you said yes. I love you and come on you look freezing take my jacket and I will drive you home."

He put his jacket over my shoulders and warmth flooded through my body when he put his arm around my waste. I led me to his car. We drove home with smiles on our faces and the sound of music surrounding us. We to my house and he walked me to my door step. He loo"ked down into my eyes. He then all of a sudden pulled me into a hug and whispered softly into my ear

" See you soon Sweet heart. I love you so much."

He kissed my lips softly over and over again once we had finished, he left I found my self yearning for the touch of his hands and his soft, warm lips touching mine. I ran inside and squealed. I did a little happy girl dance and ran upstairs and fell asleep. Today was so great. My bed cuddled me. They felt as soft as a cloud. 

It has now been two weeks since me and Tyler started going out. But three days ago me and Tyler went out on our fifth date. But ever since then I had no call, no text, no message or anything from him. No contact at all and I was beginning to get worried. But then a call rang loudly through my house and echoed everywhere. I ran down the stairs like there was fast spreading fire chasing me. I grabbed the phone and said into it calmly

"Hello Ivy speaking who is this and how may I help you?"

Then spoke a crackly voice that sounded like they was sobbing 

"Hello dear this is Tyler's mother speaking" 

As soon as she said Tyler's name my heart skipped a beat 

She carried on speaking but you could hear the sadness in her voice

"Well I thought you needed to know that the other day after your date Tyler was driving home and a speeding car hit his car and the car span straight into a tree and he didn't make it. We would like you to attend the funeral but if you cant make it we understand and we wont bother you again. 

As soon as her words washed over me my heart split in two. I couldn't believe it but I had to.I could hear her sobbing across the phone. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying and then I said into the phone my voice cracking and tears rolling down my cheeks

" Ok thank you for telling me. I will attend the funeral and I am sorry for your loss. Tyler was a great person and a amazing boyfriend and I will miss him so much and he was my best friend and i wont forget him."

I hung up quickly and burst out crying. Tears flowed quickly down my cheeks. I slid down on to the floor and cried hiding my face in my hands. I never wanted to look up, I didn't want to see the cruel world again. I just wanted to be with Tyler. He was my best friend and boyfriend and he loved me for me. I sat there thinking of my dead lover. The memories we shared lately and the ones we had when we was so little. Then there was a knock at the door. I ignored it I didn't want to see anyone right now. But then they knocked again quicker and louder. This pattern carried until I picked my self off the floor and trudged to the door miserably and pulled it open quickly. There stood at the door was Cody. He looked at my eyes and saw the signs of crying, his eyes were red and puffy too. He said with his voice cracking 

"You heard the news about Tyler too." 

I nodded and began to cry again. Cody quickly pulled  me into a hug and comforted me. I sobbed into his shoulder while he rubbed my back. I could feel tears falling on me too. I led him into my bed room and we sat down and talked about everything. About Tyler, the past, the dating, the memories and everything else. He then turned around and said quickly 

" Ivy I am sorry about everything I love you but we are both not ready to date yet since we both just lost the person we spent our childhood with. But maybe in the future we will" 

I nodded quickly tears on the brim of my eyes. I hugged him and just whispered into his ear 

"Just best friends forever for now Cody" 

I kissed his cheek softly and he smiled and it just had a warm feeling to it. 

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