What if you had a best friend? You loved them and trusted them with all your heart. But what if one day they turn against you? Well Ivy Elegant was best friends with Cody stone. But one day he betrays her for the popularity he starts to pick on her. spread rumors that ruin her life. But what if Cody hides a secret Ivy never knew?


1. The past

I could remember my past with Cody Stone. He was my best friend. I loved him with all my heart. I would never ever let him go. I had known him since we was 5 years old. But one day that all changed for good. It caused our future to change. We are now enemy's and this is all because of one day that he caused to happen. I thought back to what happened When we were 15.

Me, Cody and our two best friends Lexi and Skye were walking to school. Lexi and Skye were my over two best friends. They are not twins. They aren't even related but they like to try and look the same and act the same. They are both beautiful girls. Lexi has long red hair with curls in. She has big blue stormy grey eyes. She had shell pink lips covered in shiny lip gloss and a tiny bit of make up on to make her face stand out a bit. Skye well she had long ,straight ,silky black hair. Big shiny blue eyes with lots of black eye liner and mascara. pink cheeks with shiny red lips. All the guys fall for these girls but they don't care. They have been offered popularity they didn't want it. But they are models. But they would never give up me they always said. They loved me like there own sister. Well i am the weird one. I did have short brown hair when i was younger but i had, had enough of the girls wanting my hair so i dyed it. Not any ordinary color. I dyed it blonde with blue streaks in it. It matched my looks and personality. Girls loved my hair but they didn't love me. Well i have big blue eyes. Pale skin with shiny pink lips and rosy red cheeks. I put quite a bit of make up on. But my hair had a scene fringe and i backed combed it. When we reached the school we heard people shouting after Cody. Well you see Cody was quite fit. And the people loved him as well.  I turned around. It was the evil school queen. Her name was Summer. She had a fake tan blonde hair and evil green eyes. All the guys loved her and she loved all the guys. She had wanna be's. Guys that followed her. So why was she wanting to talk to Cody? she already had it all. Then she said while flirting 

" Hey Cody. Why are you with these losers? When you could be with us. Come with me and i will give you the popularity the girls and everything you have ever wanted."

I was hoping he wouldn't take the offer i could tell Skye and Lexi was doing the same but it was no use. He just gave use a guilty look and left with summer. While she was giggling at what ever Cody was saying to her. He looked back with a pleading look of guilt from what he just did. From then on i could hardly look at him neither could Skye or Lexi. I had once loved the boy who was my best friend now the only feelings i have left for him is disappointment, anger and hatred. 

But when i no longer spoke to him. He started to pick on me i can remember the first time he did it he started laughing with his silly friends and he shouted

"Ohhhh look its my old friend Ivy"  "how could i ever have been your friend? i mean look at what a freak you are" 

Him and his friends started to shove me and when i landed on the floor they all kicked me once and then walked off. I can remember that day because i was stood in the girls toilets with Skye, Lexi and my new friend Lacey She had silky brown hair it was light brown and she had big sea blue eyes with pale skin and lips. I was lucky to have beautiful friends. well in the toilets they were helping me sort out my cuts and bruises i was lucky they were no where viable.

Well from that day on rumors were spread. Me, Skye, Lexi and Lacey were hurt by Cody and his friends. But i wouldn't take it neither would Lacey we would always protect our friends. Well as you would guess i would always be in trouble and sent home for starting fights. People were hurt from his actions and i wasn't going to allow him and his friends to hurt people!   

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