In over my head

Teya is starting at a foster home, after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash, she find the love of her life in the room next door ?


7. Wanting you

My breathing hitches just at his words. Zack kissing me, All over. Am i dreaming He kisses across my face, lingering a little on my lips, teasing me. He licks his way down to my neck, kissing and sucking. A slit moan escapes my mouth. I feel him smirk against my neck. He lefts his head, taking me by surprise and kissing me again. His hand snakes up my top as he start to massage my tit through my bra.. God he was amazing at this. He pushes his hand to the back of my top unclipping my bra and taking it off. My top is next and is thrown on the floor he sits back and gases at my DD boobs. 

"Holy shit, there huge this is going to be fun" He wiggles his eyebrows and dips his head to suck my tits and plays with the other. Rolling his thumb over the nipple causing it to stand on end. I moan loudly his sexual asult radiating me at the core. I moan Zack's name as he swaps over to the other nipples i run my hands through his hair pushing my chest into his face.

"Someone is enjoying this" He mutters then continuing his motions. He could hardly talk i could feel his growing erection in this boxers. I let one of my hands slip down to his defined abs tracing them with my finger. He groans against my chest , this makes me feel brave and my hand goes lower as i grab his pride and joy stoking him through his boxers. 

"Fuck, your not shy" He says shooting up. I blushes, and cover my chest in hast.

"Don't get shy on me now" he goes to kiss me but i stop it.

"Its 3 am we should sleep its Saturday tomorrow we can do this all day if you want" I say this as seductively as i can my hand running up and down his defined arms, i am tired and as much as i want more it was for the best.

"OK, Mrs tease but i wont go nice on you tomorrow, I will make you scream for me. I will leave you covered in me" He winks at me gets up and is out of my room before i can get a look at his stood up erection. I grin to my self and fall back onto my cousin  I will be dreaming of Zack tonight, no doubt about that. 


(Sorry for the short chapter i am writing this as i go to the hospital as i have been going in and out but i will try and update more now, Please like Favorite and share with friends. New chapter soon)

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