In over my head

Teya is starting at a foster home, after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash, she find the love of her life in the room next door ?


3. The Beginning


I wake up to the sound of birds singing and the sun blazing through my bed room window so brightly i want to close my eyes, throw my duvet over my head and go back to sleep, because I am still in the stupid all boys orphanage. I crawl out of bed, I walk across my rom, pull on my black pleated school skirt and a white blouse throw my blazer over my shoulder and trot of down stairs to eat. I swing open my door onl to find a line for the toilet. 6 boys stood in a row either half asleep or talking to the guy next to them. It goes silent as i pull my door close, they're all staring at me so i pull my skirt down abit as it is a bit short and i feel very uncomfortable then caryy on walking as their gaze follows me down the stairs. When i get to the bottem i can hear all of them talking about me, its muffeled but I am pretty sure its about me.

"good morning darling" Caroline said in almost a sing-song voice, How could she be so cheery? we live in a house full of hormonal boys that never shut up. I can still hear them talking about me.

"hey caroline, how am i getting to school?" I say with the sound that makes it seem that i care i really dont but it means i get away from hear so i guess that's a bonus.


"oh yes, on of the boys will be walking you as he has classes wit you i delieve and please don't be scared of them, i know they can be over whelming but they are nice at heart" Caroline then disappears into the kitchen, after comes a continuous banging noise from inside. What was she talking about i go to school with them?! This is not fair. I may not remember my own name or my family or my old friends or my old school but i still remember how anxious i get around boys. I am the type of girl that was born with long blonde hair that has the nice long curls in it, I also have the shiny blue eyes and the perfect face, no spots. I am not too skinny but i am not a twig. So the fact that i get anxious around boys is kind of stupid because to them i am the perfect looking girl. 

There's a thump from up stairs, then hundreds of foot steps are bounding down stairs. All of a sudden there is a mixture of shouting, swearing and squabbling as the boys take there places at the table waiting for Caroline to serve up they're morning meal. 

Caroline stroke in from the kitchen covered in flour and egg whites, her hair was all messed up, she had a massive smile on her face.

"Everyone this is the new girl, Teya. Now you all have to be very nice and welcoming as her family died in a car crash and she lost most of her memory. So she will be starting at your school today boys and Zack you will be taking her there and looking after her and can you please introduce your selves while i get breakfast". One of the boys stood up and walked over to me, he then slide into the chair next to me and put his arm around me. Making me feel very uncomfortable.

"Right I'm Zack that's Tom, Matt, Jake, Alex, Lucus, Kyle and the creepy one sat on the end is Dylan" Zack said this with a laugh whilst using hes free hand to point at each of them. 

Tom is small with very little hair but he looks pretty sporty just like Matt who has ginger spiky hair he is also the same height as Tom so i would say they are both 13. Jake has short blonde hair and looks quite well built like a rugby player. Alex is the opposite he has all muscle and short brown hair, its that like a thing hear everyone has to have short hair. Jake is 14 and Alex is defiantly 15. Kyle and Lucus are so twins, they have the same cheeky smile that reviles a small dimple that they both have on the right sides of there cheeks, they are both tall and incredibly handsome. Dylan has mysterious green snake eyes and, as he is sat topless, you can see his highly defined six pack. The best thing about him is that he has the blonde Justin bieber hair that he flicks every five or ten minutes. Dylan also has the cute baby smile that make every girl melt, except me. Zack is by far the one I have a crush on. Hes about my height maybe 15cm taller, he has the really dreamy hazel eyes that sparkle. But he also has the devils smile and every girl loves a bad boy.

"So that's everyone,you ready for school i want to introduce you to my friends" Slowing down on the words friend making me feel uncomfortable.  

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