In over my head

Teya is starting at a foster home, after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash, she find the love of her life in the room next door ?


4. School

I giggle nervously.

"Let me just go put some make up on" I said getting up and walking down the hall.

"okay sexy" shouted Zack for the table. So i whip my head round a glare at him, he winks then starts to eat. 

I rush upstairs into my room grab my make up and run into the bathroom. Its a mess. i wipe the missed off the mirror and empty out my make up into the sink. I put on foundation and blusher, then thick black eye liner as my eyes look really small. I put on gold eyes shadow then admire my self in the mirror. You can't see my scars on my face from the car crash. I have stitches in my head, some on my lip, back and loads on my arms. I hate my body. It looks old and unnatural. Tears sting the back of my eyes as on trickles down my face.  I must not cry i say to my self if i car it shows weakness

" Are you OK?" Zack's voice makes my jump.He sounds almost sympathetic. Hes seen the tear in the mirror. I do the right thing, hide my feelings so no one else gets hurt especially the one i fancy. I duck my head and reply.

"I'm fine just nervous i guess new school and all"

"You don' have to be scared we wont hurt you we are just boys" He smiles. Just boys, just boys!! the note they sent me last night says other wise but Zack seems to nice to of sent it. I push the note out of my mind and grab Zack's hand that was stuck out for me to hold. He squeezes it.

"I know your thinking about the note. It was a joke we didn't mean to scare you. Yeah your our new bitch, your the only girl but the only person that might do something is Dylan but if he touches you tell me and i will put him straight. OK?" He tilted his head down to look into my eyes, I can feel my self blushing under all my make up. Zack seems so perfect, kind and caring and not like any other boy i know. He starts to lead the way down stairs we reach the door and he opens it for me. Time to face the world i grab my bag from my chair by the table, roll my skirt slightly up and smile at the others. Walk back over to Zack, pull down my sleeves so no one can see the scars and go to walk out when i hear a wolf whistle, which ignore but Zack shouts something back at the house which makes them all laugh. He closes the door and bends down and whispers in my ear...

" I saw those battle scars, don't try and hide it, i'll come meet you at your room tonight and you can tell me all about it babe." Then he said something that i didn't think i would ever hear from a boy.

"I will make the pain go away I promise" He Kisses my check then he start to walk down the path. My mind was all over the place but it was time for school so i pick up my bag and run after him.

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