In over my head

Teya is starting at a foster home, after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash, she find the love of her life in the room next door ?


5. School And Dylan cares ?

All day i was thinking about Zack and how nice he was. My new school was fun, at least there i wasn't the only girl. Zack walked me to school, like he was told, we talked about how there was nothing to be scared of even if i had no memory. When we got to the gates he was greeted my many people mostly guys wanting to know who the new fit girl was but i ignored them and we pushed through them all and carried on walking to school. Zack showed me around we got my time table and i had most of my lessons with him except some, he then ushered me to the science block which is were we had tutor. I met all of his friends. They were all incredibly sweet and trying not being rude even if most of if not all the guys were staring at my chest. His 'girlfriends' were super nice all wanting to know about me and how i ended up staying in the all fit boy house. The first bell went and we all went our separate ways. Classes were interesting, not that i didn't enjoy them I just felt a bit lost, kind of stupid.

Ever since i lost my memory  everything seems difficult, i remember some stuff but most of it just comes up blank. Well at least i made a new best friend, her names Lily, and i have all my lessons with her and in history we just sat at the back talking about random stuff like boys, make up and pop stars and because i didn't know any she let me borrow her iPod and see if i liked any of them.

The day ended and i didn't know if i was meant to be meeting Zack at the gate or not so i just left, which clearly was a bad idea as i got lost and ended  up getting home at 5pm and it had been raining so all my make up had gone so everyone could see my scares. I opened the door slammed it shut and ran up to my room locking the door behind me, ignoring all the shouts and calls people were giving me asking if i was OK. I learnt against the door and sled down it until i hit the floor, i crawled over to the mirror in the corner and got stared re-doing my make up. 

1 hour later there is a quiet knock at the door, so i roll of my bed and undo the lock. Sticking my head out the door i say,

"what?!" It was Dylan so i didn't feel ad for saying it the way i did he was the last person i wanted to talk to .

"I got sent up to see if you were OK as you weren't answering anyone else but i know when i am not wanted but Zack told my to give this to you", he shoved a piece of paper in my hands and walked away, i swiftly closed the door, locking it again behind me and unfolding the note. It read:

'Hey babe, Why were u so upset and y wont u talk to me have i done something wrong? Well even if i have i am coming to ur room to talk to u at 10 so c u then xox From Zack'

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