In over my head

Teya is starting at a foster home, after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash, she find the love of her life in the room next door ?


2. On my own ?

I lay in my bed, my mind swirling. I've just been dropped off at my new orphanage after being discharge from the hospital. The doctors told me that there had been a massive car crash and that my parents had died. My arm is still in a cast and it kills so much. I've been hear an hour, the only person i have met its Caroline. who is the very mean women that runs this home.

My room is small with cream colored walls. The large wooden door has engravings on it of names and where locks have been removed and put back.  If i continue looking along the wall there is a painting of a mountains, on the wall opposite sits a window that gazes out upon the old and dusty road that leads away from the obnoxious foster home. As much as i want to climb out the window ans run as fast as my legs will carry me, I can't. It's barracaded shut. Which also meant I couldn't close it so I had to live with the howling wind that came through the open wide window with every gust.

My door swung open and a letter is slide across the floor into the middle of the room, before the door is slammed shut and running foot steps go off into the hallway.  This is an all boys foster home, besides me, so what would expect. They are probably all really immature little boys that are trying to scare me. I side off my small cotton bed and strode over with caution. I pick up the paper and read the little scribbled handwriting whist squinting my eyes. It simply said....


" Your our new bitch. Welcome to the family or for you, The house of hell.

                                      Singed the boys"


This made me wish i had died in the crash. That i could remember my name and go live with a relative. I fold up the paper in the timidly shaking hands. I had just got hear and i am already the new bate for hormonal teenage boy abuse. I stand there frozen on the spot, staring at the now neatly folded paper in my hands. With only one thing going through my mind.

What did it mean by 'Bitch'?"


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